Population Of Darwin In 2016

Darwin is the capital city and is situated in the state of the Northern Territory. Located on the Timor Sea, it is the biggest city in the inadequately populated Northern Territory, having a population of 136,245. The city is the smallest of the Australian capital cities and goes about as the Top End’s provincial center. The city was initially a pioneer station.

Darwin’s closeness to South East Asia makes it an essential Australian entryway to nations, for example, Indonesia and East Timor. The Stuart Highway starts in Darwin, finishing at Port Augusta in the Southern part of Australia. Darwin is noted for it’s reliably warm to hot weather, all consistently. Inclined to cyclone amid the wet season, the city encounters overwhelming monsoonal deluges and breathtaking lightning shows. Around the dry season, Darwin is met with blue skies and delicate ocean breezes from the pleasant harbor.

Population Of Darwin In 2016


To calculate the population of Darwin in the year 2016, we need to first find the population of the city during the previous years. We should know the current trend of population of the last five years and by calculating the population, we can come to know what could be the estimated population of the city. Let us look at the population of the last five years of the city. They are as follows.

106,255 – 2011

116,215 – 2012

136,200 – 2013

138,000 – 2014

To know the 2015 estimates, we need to take out an average of the year 2011-2014. Therefore, after taking out the average, we get the estimated population of Darwin in 2015 as 145,936. Now, we know the population of the city of the last five years. The population of the year 2016 will be calculated on the basis of calculating the population of the past years of the city of Darwin. After making all the calculations from the data shown above, the population of Darwin in the year 2016 is 153,872. As estimated.

After much of calculation from the data given, the city’s population increased from 106,255 in 2011 to 153,872 in 2016. That is quite an increase in terms of population of the city.


In the year 2006, the biggest ancestry groups in Darwin were, Australian of 36.9%, English of 26%, Irish of 8.3%, Scottish of 6.8%, Chinese of 3%), Greek of 2.4% and Italian around 2%.

The city’s population is notable for the most astounding proportional population of Indigenous Australians of any capital city of the country. In the year 2006 evaluation, 9.7% of the city’s population was Aboriginal. It’s population went for a change after the Second World War. The city, in the same way as other cities, experienced deluges from Europe, with critical quantities of Italians and Greeks amid the 1960s and 1970s.


The city has a population density of 930 people per square kilometer. It’s population expanded by 2.2% in 2013-14, giving it the second-quickest development rate of all state capitals. With a development rate of 2.6 percent for each year, this occupied city is viewed as one of the speediest developing locales inside of Australia. The areas that have the biggest measure of growth inside of the city of Darwin incorporate Litchfield and Palmerston. Indeed, Palmerston is developing so quickly that population forecasters foresee the locale inside of Darwin will turn into the most populated by 2016.


  1. Consistently since 1974, the Darwin Beer Can Regata is held at Mindil Beach. Individuals manufacture boats out of beer jars, containers and milk containers in the hope that they will drift in the water. This occasion is supplemented by shows and different challenges to make a thrilling occasion that everybody can appreciate.
  2. An expansive part of Darwin’s history is that it has been the home of numerous avionics pioneers. It was additionally a check indicate for the London Melbourne Centenary Air Race in the year 1934. The Darwin Aviation Heritage Center gives sightseers and local people alike a peek into this astonishing and intriguing history of the port city of Darwin.
  3. The National Park is named after Charles Darwin, a famous researcher who invented the idea of Darwinism. This park is an extraordinary area for anybody to spend a day, weekend, or considerably more for a pleasant excursion or vacation.

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