Population Of Melbourne In 2016

Melbourne is the most populated city in Victoria. The name of the city refers to the area of urban agglomeration. It is situated on the bay of Port Philip and goes into the hinterlands to the Dandedong mountain ranges. The city comprises of 31 municipalities. The city has a population of around 4,442,918 as per the 2014 census. The people of the city are called as Melburnians. The city boasts of many night clubs and has a glittering image as a city.

Population Of Melbourne In 2016


To calculate the population of Melbourne in the year 2016, we need to first find the population of the city during the previous years. We should know the current trend of population of the last five years and by calculating the population, we can come to know what could be the estimated population of the city. Let us look at the population of the last five years of the city. They are as follows.

3.848 Million – 2011

4.087 Million – 2012

4.35 Million – 2013

4.88 Million – 2014

To know the 2015 estimates, we need to take out an average of the year 2011-2014. Therefore, after taking out the average, we get the estimated population of Melbourne in 2015 as 4.98 Million. Now, we know the population of the city of the last five years. The population of the year 2016 will be calculated on the basis of calculating the population of the past years of the city of Melbourne. After making all the calculations from the data shown above, the population of Melbourne in the year 2016 is 5.20 Million. As estimated.

After much of calculation from the data given, the city’s population increased from 3.848 Million in 2011 to 5.20 Million in 2016. As estimated.


The city has the largest Greek population. The number can easily be compared to some Greek cities like Volos and Larissa. Nguyen is the second common most surname in the city’s phone book and strangely it is a Vietnamese surname. Basically, different types of people live here. Melbourne also has a large population of Indian, Malaysian and Sri Lankan population. The cultural diversity is clearly evident with the different types of restaurants offering various cuisines from all over the world.


The population density of the city is 440 people per square kilometre. The city of Melbourne is booming in terms of population. The population is absolutely increasing at a rapid speed. It has been said that the city grew by 1800 people per 7 days. Melbourne is racing at a faster rate to compete with Sydney as the country’s largest city. The city had the largest population growth compared to all the capital cities in the country.

Out of the five growing suburbs in Australia, four of them are in Melbourne. Currently, the speed of growth of the city is going at a good pace and is almost quite close to Sydney.


  1. 4.38% are born overseas. Nihao, Namaste are some of the very common ways of saying a Hi in the second largest city in Australia.
  2. The city is also famous for it’s unbelievable unpredictable weather and there are chances you get taste all the four seasons in just a day.
  3. The city was actually the capital of Australia from the year 1901 to 1927, a span of 26 years.
  4. The city has the highest Italian and Greek Population in the world apart from their own native countries.
  5. As per 2013, almost 38% of the population were born overseas.

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