Population Of Perth In 2016

Perth is the capital and the biggest city of Western Australia. The city is the 4th most populated city in Australia. The city had a projected population of 2.02 million in 2014. The city is under the South West Land Division. The areas that were settled were on the Swam River side, with Perth’s central business district situated on it’s shores. The city is kind of divided into various local government areas and consists of a heavy number of suburbs. The city was actually founded by Captain James Stirling in the year 1829. Perth gained as a city status during the year 1856.

Population Of Perth In 2016


To calculate the population of Perth in the year 2016, we need to first find the population of the city during the previous years. We should know the current trend of population of the last five years and by calculating the population, we can come to know what could be the estimated population of the city. Let us look at the population of the last five years of the city. They are as follows.

1.671 Million – 2011

1.834 Million – 2012

1.97 Million – 2013

2.02 Million – 2014

To know the 2015 estimates, we need to take out an average of the year 2011-2014. Therefore, after taking out the average, we get the estimated population of Perth in 2015 as 2.107 Million. Now, we know the population of the city of the last five years. The population of the year 2016 will be calculated on the basis of calculating the population of the past years of the city of Perth. After making all the calculations from the data shown above, the population of Perth in the year 2016 is 2.194 Million.

After much of calculation from the data given, the city’s population increased from 1.67 Million in 2011 – 2.19 Million in 2016. As estimated. That is quite an increase in terms of population of the city.


The city is the 4th most populated city. Perth overtook the population of Adelaide during 1980. During the 2006 Census, the total inhabitants in Perth were 1.44 Million. In the year 2014, there were around 2.02 million people in the metropolitan area. In the year 2006, people from the English ancestry consisted of 28.6%, 25.6% Australians, 6.2% Irish, 6.1% Scottish, 4.5% Italian and around 2.9% Chinese. Additionally, 26,486 were of Indigenous people in Perth. The city’s population is known for it’s high number of British and Irish people.

The ethnic combination of the city changed during the second part of the 20th century, when high number of European people arrived here in Perth.


The city has a population density of 315 people per square Km. As per the year 2014, the density of the city increased by 7.5 people per square km. The city is the fastest growing capital in Australia and has tremendous growth rate. The city’s population grew very rapidly in 2014 and 2015. The population growth has doubled as compared to other cities in Australia.


  1. City of Light.

The city is called as the “City of Light”

  1. Highest Number of Millionaires.

There are many Millionaires in Perth and that is due to the fact of the booming Mining Industry.

  1. Sunniest Capital.

Perth is not just the most isolated capital city in the globe but also the sunniest. The city enjoys around 8 hours of sunshine on an average per day.

  1. Perth was earlier known as Boorloo.

The city was once known as Boorloo. It consisted a part of Mooro, lands of Yellagonga. The group lived around the Swan River.

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