Population Of Western Australia In 2016

Western Australia is also known as “WA.” It is a state and it occupies almost the western third of the country. It is the largest state in the country with a land area of 2,529,875 kms and also the second biggest country subdivision in the world. Western Australia has around 2.6 million people, about 11% in total of the national population. About 92% of the people live in the south-west side of Western Australia. The state achieved responsible government in the year 1890. Currently, it’s economy depends on mining, tourism and agriculture. It produces around 46% of the country’s exports. Population Of Western Australia In 2016


To calculate the population of Western Australia in the year 2016, we need to first find the population of the state during the previous years. We should know the current trend of population of the last five years and by calculating the population, we can come to know what could be the estimated population of Western Australia. Let us look at the population of the last five years. They are as follows. 2.35 Million – 2011 2.43 Million – 2012 2.52 Million – 2013 2.59 Million – 2014 To know the 2015 estimates, we need to take out an average of the year 2011-2014. Therefore, after taking out the average, we get the estimated population of Western Australia in 2015 as 2.65 Million. Now, we know the population of Western Australia of the last five years. The population of the year 2016 will be calculated on the basis of calculating the population of the past years of Western Australia. After making all the calculations from the data shown above, the population of Western Australia in the year 2016 is 2.71 Million. After much of calculation from the data given, the population increased from 2.35 Million in 2011 to 2.71 Million in 2016. As estimated. DEMOGRAPHY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA: As far as ethnicity is concerned, the census data of the year 2001 showed that around 78% of the state’s population was of European descent. The largest were from the English ethnicity, they comprised of about 33%, Australian of about 27.8%, 7.6% Irish, 4.4% Italian, 2.8% Scottish, 2.3% German and Chinese of about 2%. There were around 59,000 indigenous Australians in the state in the year 2001, comprising of 3% of the population. As per the 2011 data, the common ancestries in the state were English of about 29%, 24.8 Australian, 6.4% Irish, 6.4% Scottish and about 4% of Italian descents. POPULATION DENSITY AND GROWTH OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA: The population density of Western Australia is a mere 2.5/square mile. Western Australia has been the fastest growing state in the country and in the past few years the growth has outpaced that of Queensland. In the year 2012-2013, the population of the state increased dramatically by 3.3% or in other words 81,000. The accelerating growth is due to the fact of increase in net migration, it includes interstate as well as from abroad. The city of Perth specially grew in the recent years by a staggering 4% or more. FACTS ABOUT WESTERN AUSTRALIA:

  1. The capital of Western Australia is Perth and it is closer to Singapore as well as Jakarta than Canberra.
  2. The state experiences a variety of climates. Tropical climate in the north and temperate in the south west.
  3. Western Australia produces around 70% of Gold and other important exports of nickel, salt and other various metals.
  4. Having around 270 mines, the state is the leading supplier of different commodities like, diamonds, iron ore, alumina and mineral sands.
  5. The main important products of the state are wool, beef, lamb and wheat.

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